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Exercises with elastic resistance more effective than passive shockwave treatment

  Shoulder impingement is a common cause of shoulder pain that responds well to active, therapeutic exercise. A more passive “shockwave treatment” has recently been used to treat impingement. This passive modality was compared with an active exercise treatment in shoulder impingement patients in Norway. The study published in the British Medical Journal compared 12 […]

Are elastic resistance squats better than free weight squats?

The squat exercise is used primarily for hip and knee strengthening. It is considered one of the most fundamental strengthening exercises for strength and power in the legs. Elastic bands have been used to add resistance to the squat exercise while using barbell free weights to offer more dynamic resistance at the top of the […]

Elastic resistance exercise safe and effective for kidney failure patients on dialysis

The kidneys serve an important function in filtering the blood. Patients with severe kidney disease or kidney failure don’t have the ability to clean their blood. This condition is known as end-stage renal disease (ESRD), and often requires hemodialysis that cleans the blood with a machine. In 2006, over 500,000 Americans had ESRD, with over […]

Both Thera-Band and Aquafins resistance improve strength and overall health

It has been well-established that resistance training improves muscular strength and physical capacity. Other health-related benefits include reduction of body fat and improvement in blood lipids. In addition to traditional isotonic resistance training (free weights, machines), elastic bands and aquatic resistance can be used for strengthening exercises. Research shows that elastic resistance produces the same […]

Thera-Band® resistance or dumbbells? New research supports both in the clinic

The debate of elastic resistance versus isotonic resistance   Elastic resistance is commonly used in rehabilitation exercises, and has been shown to increase strength and function in over 100 randomized controlled trials ( Even with this amount of clinical evidence, elastic resistance is sometimes criticized because of the difficulty in quantifying intensity. Despite the fact […]

Proprioceptive Exercises: Are they effective?

Neuromuscular and proprioceptive exercises are increasing in popularity during rehabilitation following sports injuries such as ankle sprains and ACL tears. These interventions typically include balance exercises such as Thera-Band® kicks and balance board training. Researchers from Germany completed a systematic review of studies evaluating the effectiveness of proprioceptive and neuromuscular training. 15 clinical trials involving […]

Early Thera-Band® strengthening for rotator cuff tear repair may speed recovery

The rotator cuff is crucial for proper function of the shoulder and activities of daily living (ADL). Full-thickness rotator cuff tears require surgical repair and a lengthy recovery, often lasting 6 months or more. Early physical therapy exercises are very conservative, focusing more on allowing the repair to heal. For fear of re-injury, dynamic resistance […]

Thera-Band® program helps improve lower extremity strength and biomechanics in female athletes

Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears occur in about one in every 3000 Americans; 80% of these injuries are non-contact, often requiring surgical reconstruction. Female athletes have a higher incidence of ACL injury, likely due to biomechanical differences compared to males. Research has focused on exercise programs that help improve these biomechanics in order to prevent […]

Thera-Band® elastic bands as effective as expensive weight machines

Muscle strengthening activities are now recommended as part of a regular exercise program. The recent Physical Activity Guidelines issued by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in the United States recommend strengthening exercises for all adults at least twice a week. Unfortunately, only about 20% of adults participate in regular strengthening exercises (CDC, 2006).  Access […]

Preventing shoulder impingement in overhead workers with Thera-Band® resistance bands

Shoulder impingement is common in people who perform repetitive overhead work. For example, as many as 70% of construction workers report shoulder pain, compared to 25% of the general population. Physical therapy researchers studied shoulder pain in 240 construction workers. In their prospective study, ½ of the workers participated in a home exercise program designed […]

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