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Plyometric Shoulder Exercises for Tennis Players

As winter thaws and spring is upon us, tennis players are ready to hit the courts! Over 5 years ago, physical therapist and tennis professional Todd Ellenbecker provided a great post for us on special exercises for tennis players, Upper Extremity Plyometrics for Tennis Players. “Plyometric” exercises are commonly used in lower body work-outs, but […]

Young tennis players improve serve velocity after conditioning program with TheraBand

Today’s young high-level athletes are typically involved in year-round competition and training. One of the most important attributes of a tennis player is serve velocity and accuracy. Few studies have been conducted on the effects of strength training on serve performance in adult players. In the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine, researchers published the […]

FlexBar exercises for elbow pain featured in Sports Health journal

Elbow pain is often related to injury of the tendons, occurring frequently in overhead athletes. Sports Physical Therapist and Director of Sports Medicine for the ATP World Tour, Todd Ellenbecker DPT recently published an article, “Current Concepts in Examination and Treatment of Elbow Tendon Injury.” In the journal, Sports Health. Dr. Ellenbecker and his colleagues […]

Performance Health Announces Partnership with International Tennis Performance Association (ITPA)

Performance Health, a leader in wellness and rehabilitation products, is partnering with the International Tennis Performance Association (ITPA), the worldwide education and certification organization for trainers, coaches and specialists who are passionate about tennis-specific performance enhancement and injury prevention. The partnership provides ITPA members and their clients direct access to Performance Health’s wealth of educational […]

Thera-Band exercises help improve shoulder muscle balance in tennis players

NOTE: Occasionally, I’ll come across an article from a few years ago (pre-blog era) that’s “blog-worthy”…here’s another! An imbalance in shoulder muscle strength is thought to be an injury risk factor for overhead athletes (Wang 2001). The overhead throwing motion is characterized by a concentric contraction of the internally rotating muscles during acceleration and eccentric contraction of […]

How to Fix a Bad Tennis Shoulder

Thera-Band® Academy research advisory committee (TRAC) member, Todd Ellenbecker DPT was recently featured in an article in the New York Times entitled, How to Fix a Bad Tennis Shoulder. In the article, he provides specific exercises using Thera-Band resistance.  Todd serves as Director of Sports Medicine for the ATP tour, and is a clinical director […]

ATP tour uses Thera-Band® products for their players

Thera-Band Research Advisory Committee (TRAC) member, Todd Ellenbecker, DPT, MS, SCS, OCS, CSCS was recently featured on a video demonstrating balance and agility exercises for tennis with Thera-Band products. Todd is the Director of Sports Medicine for the ATP Tour, and is the National Director of Clinical Research and Clinic Director of Physiotherapy Associates in Scottsdale. Learn more about […]

Thera-Band Exercises for Tennis Players to Prevent Injuries

As with all sports, tennis injuries are all too common. The repetitive nature of tennis predispose players to many injuries as a result of muscle imbalance. Believe it or not, tennis players suffer from lower extremity injuries more than shoulder injuries. Todd Ellenbecker DPT, MS, CSCS, Director of the Physiotherapy Associates Scottsdale Sports Clinic, recently […]

New FlexBar Exercise: Tyler Twist effective for Tennis Elbow

Tim Tyler PT, ATC from Pro Sports PT in Scarsdale New York, investigated a novel exercise using the Thera-Band® FlexBar for tennis elbow. “We know that eccentric exercise is very effective at treating tendinopathies such as tennis elbow,” said Tyler. His exercise, the “Tyler Twist” involves eccentric wrist extension, and was easily performed at home […]

Best head position for Soft Weight shoulder exercise?

Todd Ellenbecker, DPT of Physiotherapy Associates in Scottsdale, Arizona sought to determine the best position for head during a commonly-prescribed shoulder exercise using Thera-Band® Soft Weights. Prone horizontal abduction and prone shoulder external rotation at 90° were performed with the head in three different positions: neutral and rotated toward or away from the exercising shoulder.  […]

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