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Sue Falsone shares her secrets to shoulder rehab and exercise

Sue Falsone’s, “The Shoulder: Implications for the Overhead Athlete and Beyond” is a great educational tool for therapists and exercise professionals. Sue Falsone PT is an expert in sports performance and rehab. The 2-DVD set focuses on movement dysfunction of the shoulder complex for athletes and non-athletes. She shares the knowledge of years experience in […]

Theraband exercises help reduce the need for shoulder surgery over long-term

In 2012, Swedish researchers published a study in the British Medical Journal, showing a specific exercise program was effective at reducing surgery rates in patients with subacromial impingement syndrome. Their protocol used Theraband elastic tubing and dumbbells, emphasizing eccentric exercise. In their original study, significantly more patients in the specific exercise group reported successful outcomes […]

Elastic band push-up as effective as bench press exercise

In strength training, the bench press exercise is a standard part of anyone’s resistance training program, and is often used to assess upper body strength as well. The bench press (also known as the chest press) targets the large pectoral muscles that help perform the “pushing” motion. This exercise is typically performed with free weights […]

Shoulder exercises improve scapular function

Throwback Thursday! Strengthening of the posterior scapular stabilizers combined with stretching of the pectoral muscles may improve posture, increase shoulder & scapular strength, and may improve scapulohumeral rhythm. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effects of commonly-used shoulder exercises (stretching and resistive exercise) on shoulder motion and resting posture in 20 subjects […]

TheraBand Exercise for Shoulder Impingement

Throwback Thursday! In 2004, researchers published a paper to examine an exercise program in patients with shoulder impingement syndrome. They specifically wanted to identify changes that might occur in scapular kinematics,  physical impairments, and functional limitations. 39 patients with shoulder impingement completed a 6-week exercise program  that included once a week physical therapy visits and a […]

TheraBand home exercises as effective as formal therapy for rotator cuff tears

Rotator cuff tears are a frequent cause of shoulder pain. While minor tears generally heal with rehabilitation, full-thickness tears often require surgical repair. Many patients with rotator cuff tears, however, can be successfully treated with physical or occupational therapy instead of surgery. Researchers in Germany wanted to compare the effectiveness of a supervised therapy to […]

Can elastic resistance provide the exercise intensity needed to increase strength and power?

Researchers have established that elastic resistance is as effective as weights and machines at activating muscle, yet some still don’t believe that elastic resistance can provide an effective strengthening work out. Colado and Triplett (2008) showed that both a machine-based and TheraBand elastic resistance training program can produce similar, significant strength gains in untrained women. […]

Thera-Band exercises help improve shoulder muscle balance in tennis players

NOTE: Occasionally, I’ll come across an article from a few years ago (pre-blog era) that’s “blog-worthy”…here’s another! An imbalance in shoulder muscle strength is thought to be an injury risk factor for overhead athletes (Wang 2001). The overhead throwing motion is characterized by a concentric contraction of the internally rotating muscles during acceleration and eccentric contraction of […]

Shoulder muscle activation levels during range of motion exercises

Shoulder rehabilitation patients often perform range of motion exercises using shoulder pulleys and bars. These “active-assisted” exercises are often used as the next-step in shoulder rehabilitation after passive range of motion (ROM) exercises. Active-assisted range of motion (AAROM) exercises are usually performed to begin muscle activation when it’s important to protect healing tissue, especially after […]

Shoulder muscle activation during closed chain instability exercises

Closed chain exercises such as weight-bearing through the shoulder in a quadruped position are thought to increase co-contraction around the glenohumeral joint for stabilization. The addition of an unstable surface such as an exercise ball is often prescribed for therapeutic exercises to increase shoulder muscle activation compared to a stable surface. Researchers in Brazil compared […]

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