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Wobble board exercises can reduce ankle injuries in handball players

Neuromuscular training has long been performed in Europe as part of sports training and injury prevention. Neuromuscular training involves progressive balance training using unstable surfaces such as Thera-Band® Stability Trainers, Stability Discs, and Balance Boards. Several studies have reported that proprioceptive exercises and training reduce injuries in athletes. Researchers in Hungary evaluated the effects of […]

Therapeutic Exercise Program for Hip Osteoarthritis: A Case Report

Arthritis of the hip is associated with pain both at rest and during weight-bearing. Current recommendations for managing hip osteoarthritis include therapeutic exercises as a first choice of treatment. Hip pain is one of the most common limiting factors when performing hip osteoarthritis exercises. These exercise programs are often provided individually by physical therapists, as […]

Evidence-based Recommendations for Core Training with Unstable Surfaces

Core training has maintained its popularity in fitness and rehabilitation despite controversies over optimal training methods for “core stability.” Training with unstable surfaces such as Thera-Band® exercise balls, stability trainers, and balance boards have been recommended for core training, suggesting that such surfaces promote activation of core muscles. The “core” can be defined as the […]

Balance exercises for chronic ankle sprains effective

Chronic ankle sprains have been attributed to poor sensorimotor control, resulting in “functional ankle instability.” First described in the 1960’s by Freeman and Wyke, functional ankle instability has been postulated to result from a lack of proprioceptive information from the ankle due to “deafferentation.” Functional ankle instability is associated with chronic ankle sprains; patients with […]

ATP tour uses Thera-Band® products for their players

Thera-Band Research Advisory Committee (TRAC) member, Todd Ellenbecker, DPT, MS, SCS, OCS, CSCS was recently featured on a video demonstrating balance and agility exercises for tennis with Thera-Band products. Todd is the Director of Sports Medicine for the ATP Tour, and is the National Director of Clinical Research and Clinic Director of Physiotherapy Associates in Scottsdale. Learn more about […]

Another review supports proprioceptive training to prevent sports injuries

It’s been documented in several studies that neuromuscular and proprioceptive exercises using unstable surfaces such as Thera-Band® Stability Trainers can reduce sports injuries. For example, Blue Thera-Band Stability Trainers were shown to reduce ankle injuries by 77% in football players at risk for ankle sprains (McHugh et al. 2007). More recently, a systematic review published […]

Functional rehabilitation of chronic ankle instability effective

It’s been reported that athletes suffering an ankle sprains re-injure their ankle 70% to 80% of the time. This leads to chronic ankle instability or ‘functional ankle instability’. Rehabilitation for chronic ankle sprains often includes functional exercises including dynamic closed-chain activities. Thera-Band® products such as elastic resistance bands, stability trainers and balance boards are used […]

Stable vs. Unstable: Using Exercise Balls with the Overhead Press Exercise

“Functional Training” has become increasingly popular in both rehabilitation and fitness. “Core training” has often been considered a component of functional training because of the transfer of force through the trunk to the extremities. Unstable surfaces such as Thera-Band® Exercise Balls and Stability Trainers are often used with traditional exercise movements to integrate training of […]

Researchers encourage proprioceptive exercises for shoulder rehabilitation

Proprioceptive exercises are commonly prescribed for lower extremity rehabilitation. More recently, sensorimotor (SMT) proprioceptive exercises have been used for shoulder rehabilitation. It’s thought that shoulder injury (in particular, shoulder instability) is related to proprioceptive deficits. Researchers speculate that deafferentation (loss of sensory information) from the mechanoreceptors of the shoulder joint capsule and altered proprioceptive information […]

Balance training program effective for basketball players

Several studies have shown that balance exercises and “neuromuscular training” are effective at reducing injuries in athletes. Neuromuscular exercises typically incorporate products such as Thera-Band® Stability Trainers, Stability Discs, balance boards, and exercise balls. Athletic training researchers wanted to determine if a neuromuscular training program was effective at improving balance in high school athletes. Two […]

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