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Reducing Fall Risk Factors in Women with Osteoporosis

Throwback Thursday! Older women with osteoporosis are at a higher risk of fracture resulting from a fall due to their decreased bone mineral density (BMD). While osteoporosis itself may not contribute to falls, other factors such as poor balance, reduced strength, and even poor posture can increase the risk for falls. Various exercise programs with TheraBand […]

Thera-Band group exercise program improves fitness among older adults

Many studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of Thera-Band® exercise programs in older adults including significant improvements in “functional fitness” including strength, balance, mobility, and gait speed. Researchers in Japan, led by Dr. Nobuo Takeshima have been evaluating the effects of “well-rounded exercise programs” using Thera-Band elastic bands and Stability Trainers in older adults for many […]

First Step to Active Health exercise program proven effective in older adults

Exercise programs for older adults can improve physical capacity and quality of life. The American College of Sports Medicine recommends a well-rounded exercise program for older adults including strength, cardiovascular, flexibility, and balance activities.  Thera-Band® products have been successfully used in many published studies of older adult exercise programs. Despite the wealth of evidence demonstrating […]

Thera-Band Elastic Resistance Products Enhance Geriatric PT Certification Program

Akron, Ohio – Through a donation of Thera-Band® Professional Resistance Exercise products, Performance Health is underwriting the exercise equipment costs for the American Physical Therapy Association/Geriatric Section’s geriatric PT certification program. The program, Certified Exercise Experts for Aging Adults (CEEAA), provides physical therapists with the training to develop and demonstrate expertise in the design and […]

Power training with Thera-Band elastic resistance more effective for older adults

As we age, we lose muscle mass through a condition called “sarcopenia,” which is the age-related loss of muscle fibers. Sarcopenia can lead to decreases in strength and function in older adults, which can increase the risk for disability and injury. Muscular power and reaction time are also important components of function and injury prevention […]

A successful treatment of chronic plantar fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is a painful condition caused by an inflammation of the plantar fascia, affecting nearly 2 million in the US annually (Martin et al. 2001). While most cases of plantar fasciitis are resolved with conservative treatment within a year, severe cases usually result in a surgical intervention. A recent case report in the Journal […]

Improving functional ability in older adults with Thera-Band

As the population continues to age, the number of functionally-impaired and disabled older adults will increase as well, leading to an increase in the need for institutionalization and associated increase in healthcare costs. Several research studies have shown that exercise is effective at improving function in older adults; however, few have examined the effects of […]

Regular exercise in assisted living maintains function and reduces falls

As the aging population increases, many older adults are moving into assisted living facilities to maintain their independence. Exercise programs are now a standard offering at most assisted living facilities not only as a ‘benefit,’ but also to maintain functional independence and prevent falls. Programs such as the First Step to Active Health using Thera-Band […]

Exercise program effective for Japanese very elderly

Exercise is an effective intervention to reduce the decline in functional ability in older adults. Thera-Band elastic resistance bands have been used in several exercise studies focused on reducing disability in older adults. Japanese researchers developed a 12-month multi-component exercise program including both home-based and group-based exercise sessions. 31 older adults with low levels of […]

Thera-Band Exercise Station helps Older Adults Improve Functional Fitness

It’s well-known that exercise is important for older adults to maintain health and function. Many studies have shown that Thera-Band® resistance is effective at improving strength and function in older adults. Dr. Michael Rogers, Chair and Professor at Wichita State University’s Department of Human Performance Studies, collaborated with researchers at Nagoya City University in Japan. […]

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