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Simple TheraBand exercise for neck pain patients improves muscle function and reduces pain

TheraBand elastic band and tubing exercises are commonly used in rehabilitation to improve muscle function and pain. Researchers in Denmark have previously shown the shoulder lateral raise exercise with TheraBand tubing for as little as 2 minutes per day can significantly decrease pain in office workers with chronic neck/shoulder pain (Andersen et al. 2011). As […]

Thera-Band exercise has global effect on reducing chronic muscle pain

Chronic neck/shoulder pain is common in office workers. Chronic musculoskeletal pain is thought to be mediated by the central nervous system (CNS) through a process known as “central sensitization”, which is characterized by an increased sensitivity to pain and pressure.  Central sensitization is often quantified with a pain-pressure test (PPT). During the PPT, pressure is […]

Cervicogenic Headache Treatment: What’s the Evidence?

How many of your patients with neck pain suffer from headaches as well, or vice-versa? Cervicogenic headaches are characterized by unilateral headache radiating from the posterior to anterior head, unilateral upper cervical pain and facet “locking,” which is often aggravated by sustained neck positions.  Cervicogenic headaches are thought to result from a convergence of sensory […]

Researchers show Thera-Band Tubing exercise decreases pain in workers

Previously, Danish researchers reported that 2 minutes of daily Thera-Band® tubing shoulder lateral raise exercise significantly reduced neck and shoulder pain over 10 weeks. As part of their randomized controlled trial, Dr. Lars L. Anderson and his colleagues at the National Research Center for the Working Environment in Copenhagen wanted to know the effects of […]

Danish researchers feature Thera-Band tubing at ACSM

Part 2 of “Thera-Band Academy well-represented at ACSM annual meeting” Researchers in Denmark led by Dr. Lars Andersen have shown that Thera-Band® elastic tubing exercises can significantly reduce shoulder-neck pain. 198 individuals with shoulder-neck pain were randomly assigned to a 2-minute or 12-minute per-day exercise group with Thera-Band exercise tubing with handles. They performed the […]

Thera-Band® Neck Pain Exercise Video Available

A few months ago, I posted a blog about a new study by Dr. Lars Andersen in Denmark, which showed that a simple Thera-Band® elastic tubing exercise significantly reduced neck and shoulder pain in office workers. We now have a short 1-minute video that demonstrates the neck pain exercise for workers and companies that might be […]

Neck pain in office workers relieved with 2 minutes of Thera-Band exercise!

Neck pain combined with shoulder pain is a common problem among desk workers, particularly those using a desktop computer. One study noted a 50% incidence of neck/shoulder pain over a 1-year period. Lars Andersen PhD and his colleagues in Copenhagen, Denmark, completed a randomized controlled trial of 198 office workers with neck/shoulder pain and tenderness […]

Thera-Band Exercises Featured for Muscle Balance in Bottom Line Secrets

Bottom Line Secrets, a free e-newsletter, recently featured Dr. Phil Page in an article about simple exercises using Thera-Band resistance for muscle imbalance syndromes. He provides simple exercises for knee pain, hip pain, as well as upper back and shoulder pain… Read the entire article below. Source: HealthyWoman / Bottom Line: December, 2010 Body-Balancing Workout […]

Thera-Band exercise protocol for chronic neck pain improves quality of life

Dr. Jari Ylinen of Finland has published several studies using Thera-Band resistance bands for chronic neck pain, including articles in the Journal of the American Medical Association. Females with chronic neck pain have shown significant decreases in pain and significant increases in neck strength up to 2 years after his program. The exercises include dynamic-isometric […]

Thera-Band® exercises reduce pain and improve muscle function in Air Force helicopter pilots

It’s been estimated that 50% of military helicopter pilots experience neck pain in the previous year, likely due to the postural demands and helmet-mounted technology. Physical therapist researchers in Sweden investigated the effectiveness of a neck exercise program for Swedish Air Force helicopter pilots and reported their findings in Spine. They measured the incidence of […]

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