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Thera-Band exercise program helps reduce knee pain

Patellofemoral pain syndrome results in chronic anterior knee pain, and is often associated with delayed and reduced activation of the vastus medialis oblique (VMO) muscle. Therapeutic exercise is often prescribed to help improve the strength and onset timing of the VMO. Patellar taping is also used in managing anterior knee pain, and is often worn […]

Elastic resistance training can be effective for treating anterior knee pain

Elastic resistance is often prescribed as part of a rehabilitation program for anterior knee pain (patellofemoral pain syndrome), but its overall efficacy remains unclear. I recently published a systematic review of the topic in the journal, Sports Health. Eight studies using elastic resistance training met the criteria for the review. The exercises typically involved strengthening […]

Prehabilitation exercise for total knee replacement helps patients with severe end-stage arthritis

“Prehabilitation” refers to exercise performed before surgery that helps reduce functional decline after surgery. The theory is that a higher level of function pre-operatively will provide a higher level of function post-operatively, thus shortening the rehabilitation process. Prehabilitation exercise has been shown effective at preventing functional decline in frail elderly individuals (Gill et al. 2002). […]

Thera-Band Exercises Featured for Muscle Balance in Bottom Line Secrets

Bottom Line Secrets, a free e-newsletter, recently featured Dr. Phil Page in an article about simple exercises using Thera-Band resistance for muscle imbalance syndromes. He provides simple exercises for knee pain, hip pain, as well as upper back and shoulder pain… Read the entire article below. Source: HealthyWoman / Bottom Line: December, 2010 Body-Balancing Workout […]

Home exercise with Thera-Band® tubing reduces knee pain in older Japanese women

It’s been suggested that 25% of people over the age of 25 experience persistent knee pain (Peat et al. 2001); furthermore, it’s estimated that one quarter of adults with mild to moderate knee pain will develop severe or disabling pain within 3 years (Jinks et al. 2008). Several studies have shown that exercises with elastic […]

It’s not too late to exercise years after knee arthroscopy

Meniscus tears in the knee are relatively common, particularly in middle-aged athletic individuals. Arthroscopic surgery is often performed to remove damaged cartilage. Surprisingly, some orthopedic surgeons do not prescribe physical therapy after knee arthroscopy, feeling patients can recover on their own with a few simple exercises. Unfortunately, this may lead to long-term deficits in strength, […]