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Prehabilitation exercise before total knee replacement improves quality of life

Pre-habilitation before hip or knee replacement surgery (also known as “arthroplasty”) has been recommended in an effort to improve post-operative recovery. “Prehab” typically includes an exercise program aimed at improving physical function through strength, flexibility, and balance exercises. Studies have shown that prehab exercises with Thera-Band® products can improve function in knee osteoarthritis patients (Swank […]

Biofreeze significantly reduces pain during functional activities in knee osteoarthritis

Recent studies have shown that Biofreeze® topical analgesic can reduce pain in patients with neck (Bishop et al. 2011, Bishop et al. 2012) and back pain (Zhang et al. 2008, Greenstein et al. 2012). Researchers in Louisville KY studied the effects of Biofreeze on patients with knee osteoarthritis (OA). Their results were published ahead of […]

Novel Thera-Band exercise reduces pain and improves function in knee osteoarthritis

Thera-Band® elastic bands have been shown effective at reducing pain and increasing function in patients with knee osteoarthritis. Researchers in Taiwan created a novel exercise program with Thera-Band elastic bands for older adults with knee osteoarthritis. They used 3 progressive colors of Thera-Band resistance (yellow, red, and green) in various combinations to provide an appropriate […]

Researchers show hip strengthening can reduce knee osteoarthritis pain

Knee osteoarthritis is characterized by a wearing-down of the cartilage, usually around the end of the femur bone. Depending on the repetitive forces placed on the knee, osteoarthritis may be more predominant in a specific area. One of the most common areas of cartilage damage in knee osteoarthritis is the medial aspect, and is often […]

Biofreeze reduces pain and improves function in knee osteoarthritis patients compared to placebo

Dr. Robert Topp at Marquette University has published several studies on the mechanisms of Biofreeze® topical analgesic, as well as exercise interventions using Thera-Band resistance in knee osteoarthritis patients. At TRAC 2011, Dr. Topp presented research on the efficacy of Biofreeze in 20 patients with knee osteoarthritis. The patients had either Biofreeze or a placebo […]

Home exercise benefits knee osteoarthritis patients

Patients with knee osteoarthritis often have weakness of their hip abductor muscles. Knee osteoarthritis patients have also been shown to have altered biomechancis at the hip, leading to abnormal loading on the medial side of their knee joint. This increase in loading is thought to result in an increased knee adductor moment during gait because […]

Exercise with TENS more effective for knee osteoarthritis

Knee osteoarthritis is a very painful condition that often limits activities of daily living (ADL). Several studies have demonstrated that therapeutic exercises, including exercise with Thera-Band elastic resistance products, can reduce pain and increase function in knee osteoarthritis patients. Knee osteoarthritis is also associated with inhibition of the quadriceps, which leads to poor knee extensor […]

Prehabilitation exercise for total knee replacement helps patients with severe end-stage arthritis

“Prehabilitation” refers to exercise performed before surgery that helps reduce functional decline after surgery. The theory is that a higher level of function pre-operatively will provide a higher level of function post-operatively, thus shortening the rehabilitation process. Prehabilitation exercise has been shown effective at preventing functional decline in frail elderly individuals (Gill et al. 2002). […]

Case Study: Thera-Band® prehabilitation for total knee replacement effective

Thera-Band® exercises for knee osteoarthritis using have been shown in several studies to reduce pain and increase strength and function (Thomas et al. 2002, Topp et al. 2002). Dr. Robert Topp and his colleagues at the University of Louisville have been investigating the role of exercise in knee arthritis patients for several years. Most recently, […]

Diabetes, Fibromyalgia, and Knee Osteoarthritis Exercises with Thera-Band Products Featured in Active Aging Today

The new online journal from Human Kinetics, Active Aging Today, recently featured Thera-Band® products in exercise programs for diabetes, fibromyalgia, and knee osteoarthritis.  Each article provides scientific rationale and practical exercise programming, including an exercise handout in PDF format. Visit the Thera-Band Academy Diabetes Center here Visit the Thera-Band Academy Fibromyalgia Center here Visit the Thera-Band Academy […]