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Thera-Band exercise program can improve lower limb biomechanics in females

Female athletes are particularly susceptible to anterior knee pain and injury to their anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). This increased risk is thought to result from poor dynamic control of the hip and knee, particularly when the foot hits the ground. The inability to control hip adduction, knee valgus, and internal rotation in the transition from […]

A better exercise for trapezius muscle balance?

Trapezius muscle balance is important for normal shoulder function. Often in patients with impingement, the lower trapezius is much weaker than the upper trapezius. Traditional exercises to strengthen the lower trapezius such as prone shoulder flexion may cause further impingement, creating a “catch 22” for clinicians: Is there a better exercise for the lower trapezius […]

Thera-Band exercises improve strength and quality of life in women with osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is characterized by loss of bone mass and is associated with an increased risk of fracture after falls, particularly in the hip and mid-back. Osteoporotic women are often physically frail as well, leading to disability. Weight-bearing and resistive exercises have been shown to reduce the loss of bone (as measured by bone mineral density). […]

Thera-Band Exercises Featured for Muscle Balance in Bottom Line Secrets

Bottom Line Secrets, a free e-newsletter, recently featured Dr. Phil Page in an article about simple exercises using Thera-Band resistance for muscle imbalance syndromes. He provides simple exercises for knee pain, hip pain, as well as upper back and shoulder pain… Read the entire article below. Source: HealthyWoman / Bottom Line: December, 2010 Body-Balancing Workout […]

Developing Thera-Band exercise programs for overhead throwing athletes

The overhead athlete’s shoulder must be strong, flexible, and enduring for optimal performance. Shoulder exercises for the throwing athlete must reflect the specific functional demands required both for injury prevention and rehabilitation. Head Athletic Trainer for the Boston Red Sox, Mike Reinold, DPT, ATC, CSCS, published a “current concepts” paper on preventive and rehabilitative exercises […]

Rehabilitation for Shoulder Instability Update

Shoulder instability is a common cause of shoulder pain. Shoulder instability patients have been traditionally diagnosed from 2 groups: from traumatic, unilateral instability, resulting in surgery (TUBS), or atraumatic, bilateral multi-directional instability best managed with rehabilitation (AMBR). However, a new classification scheme suggests there are 3 groups of shoulder instability patients: 1. Traumatic structural; 2. […]

Thera-Band® products featured in evidence-based shoulder rehabilitation

Shoulder impingement and rotator cuff injuries often respond well to physical therapy exercises. The success of the exercise program will depend on an accurate clinical assessment and an evidence-based approach to prescribing appropriate interventions. Two expert physical therapists and clinical researchers published an excellent review on the rehabilitation of shoulder impingement syndrome and rotator cuff […]

New Stretch Strap Exercise Videos Available

With the release of the new Thera-Band Stretch Strap, the Academy has posted several exercise videos demonstrating its use, including dynamic stretches for hamstrings, quads, and calf muscles. Be sure and subscribe to our YouTube channel while you’re there! Visit the Academy’s Learning Portal to find more information on this revolutionary replacement to static straps, […]

Proprioceptive Exercises: Are they effective?

Neuromuscular and proprioceptive exercises are increasing in popularity during rehabilitation following sports injuries such as ankle sprains and ACL tears. These interventions typically include balance exercises such as Thera-Band® kicks and balance board training. Researchers from Germany completed a systematic review of studies evaluating the effectiveness of proprioceptive and neuromuscular training. 15 clinical trials involving […]

Thera-Band Exercises for Tennis Players to Prevent Injuries

As with all sports, tennis injuries are all too common. The repetitive nature of tennis predispose players to many injuries as a result of muscle imbalance. Believe it or not, tennis players suffer from lower extremity injuries more than shoulder injuries. Todd Ellenbecker DPT, MS, CSCS, Director of the Physiotherapy Associates Scottsdale Sports Clinic, recently […]

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