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Which is better for shoulder diagonals: Thera-Band or Dumbbells?

Shoulder rehabilitation often includes Thera-Band® exercises. One popular exercise is the “PNF” diagonal shoulder exercise from the Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation concept. The PNF diagonal exercise includes tri-planar motion of the shoulder against resistance; the resistance provided can be manual, dumbbell, or elastic band resistance. Few researchers have investigated the EMG activation levels of shoulder muscles […]

Exercises help reduce back pain after prolonged standing

Prolonged standing often leads to low back pain, which can lead to occupational disability. Persons with low back pain after prolonged standing often have abnormal EMG activity of the gluteus medius and trunk flexor and extensor muscles. Researchers were interested to see if persons with low back pain after prolonged standing could reduce this pain […]

Developing better exercise programs for breast cancer survivors

Breast cancer survivors are often left with fatigue from chemotherapy, as well as pain and decreased upper extremity range of motion after surgery. Several studies featured on the Academy blog have shown that Thera-Band® elastic resistance exercises can improve quality of life, decrease fatigue, and improve other physical aspects such as strength and range of […]

Neck pain in office workers relieved with 2 minutes of Thera-Band exercise!

Neck pain combined with shoulder pain is a common problem among desk workers, particularly those using a desktop computer. One study noted a 50% incidence of neck/shoulder pain over a 1-year period. Lars Andersen PhD and his colleagues in Copenhagen, Denmark, completed a randomized controlled trial of 198 office workers with neck/shoulder pain and tenderness […]

Thera-Band exercise protocol for chronic neck pain improves quality of life

Dr. Jari Ylinen of Finland has published several studies using Thera-Band resistance bands for chronic neck pain, including articles in the Journal of the American Medical Association. Females with chronic neck pain have shown significant decreases in pain and significant increases in neck strength up to 2 years after his program. The exercises include dynamic-isometric […]

Evidence-based exercise prescription for Thera-Band® shoulder exercises

Shoulder rehabilitation exercises are commonly performed with Thera-Band® resistance bands and dumbbells. Electromyography (EMG) is commonly used to quantify the muscle activity of these exercises to help clinicians determine which exercises are most effective at activating muscle. Several studies have been published that evaluate the EMG levels of common shoulder exercises. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to […]

EMG supports “Wall Walk” exercise with Thera-Band® Resistance

Sue Falsone PT, ATC from Athletes Performance in Phoenix Arizona, quantified the EMG activity of the rotator cuff and scapular muscles during a new shoulder exercise using Thera-Band® resistance.  She found that that “Wall Walk” and “Wall Slide” exercises had higher activation of the infraspinatus muscle of the rotator cuff with the Thera-Band resistance than […]

Both Thera-Band Elastic and Aquatic Exercise Improve Blood Pressure and Lipid Levels

Juan Carlos Colado, PhD of the University of Valencia in Spain, compared the effects of strength training with Thera-Band resistance with aquatic resistance. He used the OMNI scale to quantify the intensity levels of both exercise groups. “We found the OMNI scale can be used successfully in strength training programs that don’t provide directly measurable […]

Musculoskeletal Injury Prevention & Performance Enhancement Screening for Professional Tennis Players

by Todd S. Ellenbecker, DPT, MS, SCS, OCS, CSCS For the last three years, the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) has provided musculoskeletal screenings to its players at the Italian Open in Rome Italy.  Led by orthopedic surgeon Dr. Gary Windler of Charleston, South Carolina, and physical therapist Todd Ellenbecker of Scottsdale, Arizona, these screenings […]

Exercise as good as surgery for knee arthritis

The researchers found that physical therapy, including Thera-Band exercises was as effective as arthroscopic surgery for treating knee osteoarthritis.