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Elastic band push-up as effective as bench press exercise

In strength training, the bench press exercise is a standard part of anyone’s resistance training program, and is often used to assess upper body strength as well. The bench press (also known as the chest press) targets the large pectoral muscles that help perform the “pushing” motion. This exercise is typically performed with free weights […]

TheraBand exercise may improve stroke patient stability

Stroke patients with hemiparesis often have poor trunk stability due to weakness of their abdominal muscles. This proximal weakness makes balance, upright sitting, head control, and arm movements difficult for stroke patients. Trunk strengthening exercises are usually performed with typical abdominal flexion or rotation, but these may be difficult for some patients with paresis. Researchers […]

Can elastic resistance provide the exercise intensity needed to increase strength and power?

Researchers have established that elastic resistance is as effective as weights and machines at activating muscle, yet some still don’t believe that elastic resistance can provide an effective strengthening work out. Colado and Triplett (2008) showed that both a machine-based and TheraBand elastic resistance training program can produce similar, significant strength gains in untrained women. […]

Balance training progression for ankle rehabilitation exercises

Ankle rehabilitation exercises often involve a progression of exercises that gradually increase the challenges to balance and proprioception.  Therapists will progress patients from standing on stable surfaces to standing on unstable surfaces, or move from 2-leg standing to 1-leg standing in an effort to progress the intensity of an ankle exercise. Despite this common practice, […]

Upper body Thera-Band exercises good for core muscle activation

Core exercises have become popular in both fitness training and rehabilitation. The rectus abdominus and oblique muscles of the trunk are often considered part of the ‘core’ since they provide flexion, rotation, and stabilization. While flexion and rotation movements are easily created with traditional abdominal exercises such as the curl-up and trunk rotation, stabilization exercises […]

Elastic resistance proven as good as expensive machines once again!

Quadriceps strength is important both in rehabilitation after knee injury, but also as a risk factor in developing knee osteoarthritis. Knee extension exercises are commonly prescribed to strength the quadriceps in knee patients; these exercises are commonly performed with various types of resistance, including isokinetic, isotonic, and elastic resistance. Thera-Band® elastic resistance has been shown […]

Shoulder muscle activation levels during range of motion exercises

Shoulder rehabilitation patients often perform range of motion exercises using shoulder pulleys and bars. These “active-assisted” exercises are often used as the next-step in shoulder rehabilitation after passive range of motion (ROM) exercises. Active-assisted range of motion (AAROM) exercises are usually performed to begin muscle activation when it’s important to protect healing tissue, especially after […]

The “Clam-Shell” Hip Exercise

Thera-Band®-resisted exercises are becoming more popular not only for hip rehabilitation, but also for knee rehabilitation and for sports-performance training. Recently, Dr. Dawn Gulick published a clinical application article on a popular hip external rotation exercise, the “Clam-Shell,” in Orthopedic Practice. In her article, Dr. Gulick stated that the Clam-Shell exercises can “reduce knee valgus, […]

Shoulder muscle activation during closed chain instability exercises

Closed chain exercises such as weight-bearing through the shoulder in a quadruped position are thought to increase co-contraction around the glenohumeral joint for stabilization. The addition of an unstable surface such as an exercise ball is often prescribed for therapeutic exercises to increase shoulder muscle activation compared to a stable surface. Researchers in Brazil compared […]

Which is better for shoulder diagonals: Thera-Band or Dumbbells?

Shoulder rehabilitation often includes Thera-Band® exercises. One popular exercise is the “PNF” diagonal shoulder exercise from the Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation concept. The PNF diagonal exercise includes tri-planar motion of the shoulder against resistance; the resistance provided can be manual, dumbbell, or elastic band resistance. Few researchers have investigated the EMG activation levels of shoulder muscles […]

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