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Home exercise with Thera-Band® tubing reduces knee pain in older Japanese women

It’s been suggested that 25% of people over the age of 25 experience persistent knee pain (Peat et al. 2001); furthermore, it’s estimated that one quarter of adults with mild to moderate knee pain will develop severe or disabling pain within 3 years (Jinks et al. 2008). Several studies have shown that exercises with elastic […]

Exercises with elastic resistance more effective than passive shockwave treatment

  Shoulder impingement is a common cause of shoulder pain that responds well to active, therapeutic exercise. A more passive “shockwave treatment” has recently been used to treat impingement. This passive modality was compared with an active exercise treatment in shoulder impingement patients in Norway. The study published in the British Medical Journal compared 12 […]

Thera-Band® elastic bands as effective as expensive weight machines

Muscle strengthening activities are now recommended as part of a regular exercise program. The recent Physical Activity Guidelines issued by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in the United States recommend strengthening exercises for all adults at least twice a week. Unfortunately, only about 20% of adults participate in regular strengthening exercises (CDC, 2006).  Access […]

Guidelines for treating neck pain with Thera-Band Tubing

An interdisciplinary group of researchers and clinicians reviewed 11 systematic research reviews to develop a ‘toolkit’ for clinicians to apply the best evidence for treating neck pain. The “Cervical Overview Group” created a clinical practice guideline that includes a therapeutic home exercise program for neck pain. The full article was published in the Journal of […]

New book helps develop “Effective Functional Progressions in Sport Rehabilitation”

Developing functional exercise programs for athletes is sometimes difficult, particularly for rehabilitation professionals without much experience in their patients’ sport. Human Kinetics recently released the book, Effective Functional Progressions in Sport Rehabilitation by Todd Ellenbecker, Mark De Carlo, and Carl DeRosa. The book is divided into 2 parts. Part I provides the benefits and guidelines […]

Top 10 Myths of Elastic Resistance

by Phil Page, PT, ATC 1. There is very little scientific evidence on elastic resistance. FALSE! There are over 100 published randomized, clinical trials (the highest level of evidence) that have used elastic resistance. In addition, there are over 60 basic and applied studies that have been published to describe the scientific foundation for elastic […]

5 New Thera-Band Active Care Products Available

The Hygenic Corporation / Performance Health Inc. is excited to announce the introduction of 5 new Thera-Band products that give healthcare providers new home exercise program options. Download the press release here. Retail packaged, the Thera-Band® Foot Roller is an ideal tool for patients who are seeking an affordable, simple and effective solution to relieving […]

New article reviews different forms of variable resistance testing

A new article in the Strength and Conditioning Journal reviews the latest biomechanical research on 3 types of variable resistance training: cams and levers, chains, and rubber-based resistance. McMaster et al. 2009. J Strength Cond Res. 31(1):50-64.