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Is Thera-Band elastic resistance better than weight machines for rehabilitation exercise?

The question, “Which is better?” between elastic resistance and weight machines continues in clinics, gyms, and research labs. Thera-Band® elastic resistance is as effective at improving strength as expensive and bulky weight machines (Colado et al. 2008). Researchers in Denmark have shown that physical therapy exercises using isotonic and elastic resistance have similar biomechanical and […]

Thera-Band exercises can improve fitness and function in older women

As women age, the transition to menopause often results in an increase in body fat and a reduction in muscle mass. This change in body composition is also associated with a decline in function and an increase in physical disability. German researchers evaluated the effectiveness of an exercise program for community-dwelling older females they developed […]

Stroke survivors benefit from exercise

Survivors of cerebrovascular accidents (also known as ‘strokes’) are often left with residual weakness and disability. Exercise training after stroke is gaining acceptance as a standard of care as more research supports its safety and efficacy. This pattern resembles what we observed after cardiac rehabilitation became popular following heart attacks: exercise is an essential part […]

Thera-Band Exercise Station Study Now Available

Several months ago, I wrote an entry about a study on the Thera-Band® Exercise Station by Dr. Juan Colado from University of Valencia in Spain, titled, Young women can gain as much strength using the Thera-Band® Exercise Station as training with free weights. At the time, the article was only published on-line; it’s now available […]

Abduction exercise after hip replacement: is there an optimal progression?

Patients undergoing total hip replacement often have weak hip abductor muscles before and after surgery. One of the most common hip exercises is sidelying hip abduction using an ankle weight. While this may be an effective exercise to activate the gluteus medius muscle, open-chain, non-weight bearing hip abduction is not specific to the function of […]

Young women can gain as much strength using the Thera-Band® Exercise Station as training with free weights

Dr. Juan Carlos Colado of the University of Valencia in Spain has published several excellent research papers on the effectiveness of Thera-Band® elastic resistance for fitness. In particular, he and his colleagues have shown that elastic resistance is as effective as isotonic machines for increasing strength in middle-aged women (Colado & Triplett 2008). In addition, […]

Thera-Band® exercises safe and effective for patients with hemophilia and bleeding disorders

Bleeding disorders such as hemophilia may cause bleeding in the joints, known as ‘hemarthrosis.’ This may lead to arthritis and subsequent joint replacement surgery. Exercise is an important component in managing hemarthrosis; however, many patients are hesitant to exercise for fear of injury and resulting bleeding. Few studies have examined the effectiveness of exercise in […]

Elastic resistance exercise program effective in high school-based exercises for teens

Elastic tubing has been proven as effective as free weights again; this time, in teenagers. Several studies have shown that Thera-Band® elastic resistance has similar effects on muscle activation and strength as isotonic resistance (Andersen et al. 2010; Colado & Triplett 2008). Current physical activity guidelines recommend resistance training to improve muscular fitness in youths. […]

Study published in Physical Therapy journal on Thera-Band resistance vs. dumbbells

In an Academy blog post in February, Thera-Band® resistance or dumbbells? New research supports both in the clinic, we reviewed a new research article published online in the Physical Therapy journal.  The article is now available in print at the journal’s website. The landmark study showed that Thera-Band elastic resistance was as effective as dummbells at […]

Exercises with elastic resistance more effective than passive shockwave treatment

  Shoulder impingement is a common cause of shoulder pain that responds well to active, therapeutic exercise. A more passive “shockwave treatment” has recently been used to treat impingement. This passive modality was compared with an active exercise treatment in shoulder impingement patients in Norway. The study published in the British Medical Journal compared 12 […]

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