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Thera-Band exercises can improve fitness and function in older women

As women age, the transition to menopause often results in an increase in body fat and a reduction in muscle mass. This change in body composition is also associated with a decline in function and an increase in physical disability. German researchers evaluated the effectiveness of an exercise program for community-dwelling older females they developed […]

Thera-Band® resistance helps female cancer survivors keep fit after chemotherapy

Breast cancer survivors often experience weight gain after chemotherapy, particularly pre-menopausal women. This weight gain has been associated with an increased recurrence and death from breast cancer (Chlebowski et al. 2006). Researchers at the University of Washington and Oregon Health Sciences University suggested that exercise may be a low-cost, non-pharmacologic strategy to prevent or reverse […]

Thera-Band® exercises reduce pain and improve muscle function in Air Force helicopter pilots

It’s been estimated that 50% of military helicopter pilots experience neck pain in the previous year, likely due to the postural demands and helmet-mounted technology. Physical therapist researchers in Sweden investigated the effectiveness of a neck exercise program for Swedish Air Force helicopter pilots and reported their findings in Spine. They measured the incidence of […]

Thera-Band® exercises improve kyphotic posture in women

It’s generally accepted that our posture declines as we age. Researchers at the University of Kansas Department of Physical Therapy examined the natural progression of thoracic kyphosis in healthy women. They found that kyphosis increases in females with age, particularly between 50 and 59 years of age. The researchers then established an exercise program for […]

Thera-Band exercises effective for acute ankle sprains

Ankle sprains are the most common injury in sports. Rehabilitation exercise after ankle sprains include active and resisted exercises, often performed with a Thera-Band® elastic band. Reduced ankle dorsiflexion range of motion (ROM) is considered to be a sign of significant injury and can affect gait and function. Researchers at the Mayo clinic in Rochester, […]

The Best Exercises for Rotator Cuff Strengthening

For years, the debate has continued on the ‘best’ exercises for strengthening shoulder muscles. Using electromyography (EMG) to measure muscle activity, researchers have attempted to determine which exercises have the highest levels of muscles activity for strengthening exercises. Several studies have examined EMG of common shoulder exercises to find the best exercises to strengthen the […]

Thera-Band® exercise helps improve bone density and reduce falls in osteoporosis

It’s been well-established that exercise has numerous health benefits, yet it is only relatively recently that exercise has been shown safe and effective at improving health and quality of life in older adults. Recent recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and American College of Sports Medicine include strengthening exercises for older adults at […]

Adding elastic resistance to free weight bench press better for muscular strength and power

Free weight isotonic resistance using barbells continues to be the ‘gold standard’ for strength training for power lifting. Recently, strength and conditioning professionals have added elastic resistance to free-weight exercises such as the bench press and squat to increase strength, power and speed. The additional downward force of the band during the early phases of […]

Thera-Band® Exercises Increase Muscle Size in Spastic Cerebral Palsy

Children with cerebral palsy (CP) often have leg weakness due to reduced muscle size. Researchers in the UK examined the effects of a 10 week training program of progressive strengthening of the plantar flexors in 13 children with spastic CP. The children began with Thera-Band-resisted plantar flexion in long-sitting and progressed to standing heel raises. […]

Home Exercises with Thera-Band® Beneficial for Multiple Sclerosis Patients

Multiple sclerosis (MS) affects 100,000 in the UK, and about 250,000 in the US. Approximately 75% of MS patients have difficulty walking, which is often caused by weakness of the anterior lower muscles. This weakness in the tibialis anterior muscle leads to “foot drop,” a condition noted by the inability to lift the foot properly […]

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