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Thera-Band strengthening exercises lessen fatigue for cancer patients undergoing radiation therapy

Breast and prostate cancer patients often suffer from cancer-related fatigue. While not well-understood, cancer-related fatigue may hamper a cancer patient’s recovery and quality of life. Researchers at the University of Rochester investigated the feasibility and results of 4 weeks of home-based aerobic exercises combined with progressive Thera-Band® resistance band strengthening exercises. 38 patients with breast […]

Thera-Band exercises help cancer recovery

As cancer survival rates increase, older adults are living longer, but often at a lower functional level after cancer treatments. Researchers at Duke University combined home-based Thera-Band exercises for cancer survivors with dietary information in a 12-month program using telephone counseling and mailed print material. The randomized, controlled clinical trial included 641 survivors of colorectal, […]