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TheraBand home exercises as effective as formal therapy for rotator cuff tears

Rotator cuff tears are a frequent cause of shoulder pain. While minor tears generally heal with rehabilitation, full-thickness tears often require surgical repair. Many patients with rotator cuff tears, however, can be successfully treated with physical or occupational therapy instead of surgery. Researchers in Germany wanted to compare the effectiveness of a supervised therapy to […]

Systematic review supports use of elastic resistance exercise for shoulder impingement

Shoulder impingement is a common cause of chronic shoulder pain that can be treated with exercise. Impingement can be caused by a structural narrowing of the space between the humeral bone and acromion of the scapula, or by a muscle imbalance of the rotator cuff and/or scapular stabilizer muscles. These types of impingement are referred […]

Turn Evidence into Practice for Home Exercise Programs

by Phil Page PT & Dana Mackison DC Recently, the term ‘active care’ has been used to describe rehabilitation that makes the patient an active participant in the process. In contrast to ‘passive care’ that includes modalities and manual techniques, Active Care emphasizes self-management techniques such as exercise and behavioral change. While both active and […]