May is Stroke Awareness Month

Stroke is an emergency, cutting off blood flow and oxygen to the brain. In the United States, stroke is the fourth leading cause of death, killing over 133,000 people each year, and a leading cause of serious, long-term adult disability. There are an estimated... read more

Thera-Band exercise program for liver transplant survivors in Spain receives media attention

Performance Health Scientific Advisory Committee member, Dr. Juan Carlos Colado, Laboratory Coordinator of  Physical Activity and Health and Director of the research group in Sport and Health at the University of Valencia in Spain, has been studying the effects of a... read more

Top 10 Academy Blog posts from 2012

Medically Supervised Exercise Program Significantly Improves Fitness and Mobility in Obesity Which is better for shoulder diagonals: Thera-Band or Dumbbells? Thera-Band Exercise and Foam Rolling help IT Band Syndrome in Runners The “Clam-Shell” Hip Exercise Thera-Band... read more



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