New article on topical analgesics in PT Products

Dr. Phil Page recently published an article in PT Products on the use of topical analgesics in practice. Below is an excerpt from his article: Typically, ice is applied to the skin to create a cold response in order to reduce pain because cold reduces the pain... read more

New Thera-Band Academy Instructor in Chile

Thera-Band Academy is proud to welcome physiotherapist Andreas Sutter in Santiago, Chile as the newest instructor for Thera-Band Academy. Andreas came to Santiago from Switzerland, where he worked with Thera-Band expert Caius Schmidt and exercise ball guru... read more

Upcoming workshops in Asia

On November 5-6, Dr. Phil Page will be presenting a 2-day workshop, Assessment and Treatment of Muscle Imbalance: The Janda Approach in Seoul, South Korea at the Korea University College of Health Science. The workshop is hosted by Naum Care. Contact Yunhee Lee at... read more

Top Blog Posts from 2011 3rd Quarter

Here are the top blog posts for the 3rd quarter of 2011:         Can we use perceived exertion to dose elastic exercise intensity?       A better way to prescribe shoulder rehab exercise intensity?             Does Biofreeze affect blood flow after exercise?      ... read more



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