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Performance Health Announces 2014 Scientific Advisory Committee Appointments

The eighteen individuals appointed to Performance Health’s 2014 Academy’s 2014 Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) represent five countries and expertise in physical therapy, chiropractic, exercise science, athletic training and massage therapy, and exemplify diversity in disciplines and cultures. The SAC meets once a year at its annual TRAC meeting to present research and findings on TheraBand, […]

Hand arthritis patients benefit from massage plus Biofreeze® topical analgesic

Massage therapy has shown promise in the relief of pain associated with osteoarthritis. Although the underlying mechanisms are unclear, moderate pressure massage has been associated with changes in pain modulating systems. Biofreeze topical analgesic has been shown effective at reducing knee osteoarthritis pain and improving functional tasks (Topp et al. 2013). Researchers at the Touch […]

Thera-Band exercise and massage both effective at reducing muscle soreness

Delayed onset muscle soreness, otherwise known as DOMS, is commonly experienced after novel and unaccustomed exercises, particularly after performing eccentric contractions. Both untrained individuals and trained athletes can experience DOMS, which often peaks 48 hours after exercise and usually subsides a few days later. There are multiple remedies proposed to alleviate DOMS, among them being […]

Biofreeze cryotherapy for acute injuries? Research supports vasoconstriction and pain reduction

Biofreeze® is a popular over-the-counter pain reliever. While menthol (the active ingredient in Biofreeze) has been classified as a counterirritant providing pain relief, recent research has suggested the mechanism behind Biofreeze is related to the stimulation of cold receptors in the skin. Dr. Robert Topp and his colleagues at Marquette University and the University of […]

Performance Health Announces 2013 Scientific Advisory Board Appointments

The seventeen individuals appointed to the Thera-Band® Academy’s 2013 Scientific Advisory Board, known as TRAC, exemplify diversity in both disciplines and cultures representing five countries and expertise in physical therapy, chiropractic, exercise science, athletic training and massage therapy. Phil Page, PhD, PT, ATC, Director of Thera-Band Academy, said, “I’m very proud of the distinguished group […]

Prehabilitation exercise before total knee replacement improves quality of life

Pre-habilitation before hip or knee replacement surgery (also known as “arthroplasty”) has been recommended in an effort to improve post-operative recovery. “Prehab” typically includes an exercise program aimed at improving physical function through strength, flexibility, and balance exercises. Studies have shown that prehab exercises with Thera-Band® products can improve function in knee osteoarthritis patients (Swank […]

Biofreeze significantly reduces pain during functional activities in knee osteoarthritis

Recent studies have shown that Biofreeze® topical analgesic can reduce pain in patients with neck (Bishop et al. 2011, Bishop et al. 2012) and back pain (Zhang et al. 2008, Greenstein et al. 2012). Researchers in Louisville KY studied the effects of Biofreeze on patients with knee osteoarthritis (OA). Their results were published ahead of […]

Performance Health Supports Evidence-Based Practice with 14th Annual Research Meeting

Akron, Ohio – Twenty-eight research projects, with findings ranging from obesity and exercise to neck and low back pain treatments, were presented at the 14th annual Performance Health Scientific Advisory Committee meeting (also known as “TRAC”), held July 23-25, 2012 in St. Johns, Newfoundland, Canada. Sixteen international researchers and clinicians met to present and discuss […]

Biofreeze beats ice again!

Recreational athletes often suffer from delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), which is defined as muscle pain that begins 1 to 2 days after unaccustomed exercise or exercise involving eccentric (negative) muscle contractions. Muscle pain can also reduce strength and limit range of motion. DOMS is thought to result from damage to muscle cells and subsequent […]

Effects of Biofreeze on Neck Pain Study Published

Members of the Performance Health Scientific Advisory Committee, Drs. Bart Bishop, Jay Greenstein, and Robert Topp published their abstract, “Effects of Biofreeze® vs. ice on acute, non-complicated neck pain” in a recent issue of Clinical Chiropractic. The results of their study were originally presented at the 2009 TRAC meeting. In their study, 51 patients with […]