One of the most frequently asked questions about using Thera-Band® elastic resistance is, “What resistance do the bands and tubes produce?” The simple answer is that it depends on how much the band or tubing is stretched, or “percent elongation”. The “percent elongation” that the elastic is stretched is based on the increase in length from it’s resting length. For example, a 2 foot length of tubing that’s stretched to 4 feet would be elongated 100%. If you stretched it another 2 feet, that would be 200% elongation.

Using the “force elongation” chart, you can predict what the force will be at a specific percent elongation for Thera-Band colors. For example, if your 2 foot length of band was Red, then when you stretched it to 4 feet (100% elongation), you’d have about 3.7 pounds of force. Download the full-color Thera-Band force chart to quickly find the resistance level at a given percent elongation.

Both Thera-Band resistance tubing and bands are calibrated to offer the same resistance levels at the same percent elongation. No other elastic resistance manufacturer provides the quality and consistency you can expect and trust.

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