Kinesiology Tape Tension Guidelines #TapeTuesday

While the research for the reasonings, techniques, and benefits of kinesiology taping are still developing, clinicians already have an idea of how taping can deliver effective pain relief. Because of a lack of research on specific tensions, there is no real consensus... read more

CLX Workout of the Weekend: Skier

Get your whole body moving with our Workout of the Weekend. We know we can’t quite replace hitting the slopes, but this TheraBand CLX ski-inspired move will have you feeling the burn – without the heavy coat and boots! (Unless, of course, you’d like... read more

3 Things You Need to Train Elite Athletes

Not many clinicians can say they work with men and women that push sleds down and navigate through over a mile of icy turns and twists. For Dr. Jonathan Wilhelm, DC, MS, ICSSD, CCSP, CCEP, training and rehabilitating these elite athletes is a part of his everyday... read more

CLX Workout of the Weekend: Body Jump

Do your #NewYearNewMe goals involve getting back into shape? Pick up your TheraBand CLX and start with this metabolism boosting move! CLX Body Jump Stand with your feet in the middle two Easy Grip Loops separated by one loop and the ends of the CLX in your hands.... read more

Clinical Retailing Makes Sense (and Cents) 

Cash-based services such as clinical retailing are growing increasingly important for physical therapy private practice owners. For Jon Hisamoto PT, ATC, running his private practice clinic was rewarding and successful. However, he did notice that he was missing some... read more

How to Apply Kinesiology Tape #TapeTuesday

Want to know how to apply kinesiology tape? Taping tips from experts in the field? Or the latest research on the effectiveness of tape? We have everything you need to know about applying Kinesiology Tape! In our new TapeTuesday series, we will be sharing methods for... read more



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